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Welcome to Classic HiFi – and we are exactly that – we source, test, service and sell classically styled amplifiers, turntables & speakers from the 70s-80s….…………………….the ‘Golden Era’ of High Fidelity.

Our shop front is situated in cosmopolitan Newtown, in Sydney’s Inner West, the epicenter of the vinyl revival where there are also a score of new & used record stores, many of whom, we have referral processes in place.

If you are not able to visit the store, wonder through this site, and if you find something that interests you, use our email link, identify the item to us, and we will provide whatever help is necessary. We will do our best to keep the on-line range of products up to date. Payment facilities include direct transfer to our bank account, credit card facilities are available in-store and over the phone, and for international buyers, Paypal is preferred.

We are not a home theatre store but specialize in stereo only – silver fronted amplifiers, retro turntables & quality pairs of speakers which can mount a sound-stage superior to any theatre set-up.

Our professional network includes records stores and service technicians.

Whilst our store prices are fixed, we do offer a 10% discount for complete systems (amp, turntable & speakers). Be assured, all our stock are fully serviced, turntables all have new stylii, and all stock carries our 3 month warranty. We welcome back our ‘babes’ beyond the warranty period for servicing at discounted rates – and remember, electronics from the 70s-80s can be serviced, whereas servicing most modern equipment is problematic, even throw aways!

                                                                         OUR FAVOURITES                                                                  

  • Name: ACCUPHASE E-202

    Brand: Accuphase
    Range: Amplifiers integrated
    Price: as a guide over $3000
    Accuphase...our premium amp brand. This one is in mint condition, 100 watt conservative RMS power, lots of inputs including MC Phono
  • Name: THORENS TD-125/SME 3009

    Brand: Thorens
    Range: Turntables
    Price: as a guide under $2000
    Highly sought after belt drive 2-speed, manual stereo turntable. Iconic SME 3009 tonearm loaded with ADC cartridge. Beautiful real timber plinth from Germany/Switzerland.....

    Brand: CBS
    Range: Vinyl & Accessories
    Price: Various...from $20
    To celebrate Record Store Day on 19th April, a special offering...original release (many are gatefolds) Jazz masters - this is but only one of many (Kind of Blue) - the covers and vinyls themselves are near MINT!

    Brand: STAX
    Range: Earphones
    Price: as a guide over $500
    Stax Ear Speaker set, complete with SR-40 earspeakers, SRD-4 energizer adaptor & cables, loud speakers outlets from the Stax adaptor to facilitate switching between the headphones & speakers.
  • Name: Vinyl Record Care Kit

    Brand: Unique to Classic HiFi
    Range: Vinyl & Accessories
    Price: $35
    Comprising Record Clean fluid, specific cloth, Brush and Stylus Cleaner. Amazing value, all in a convenient case.
  • Name: CHARTWELL PM-110

    Brand: Chartwell
    Range: Speakers
    Price: as a guide under $1000
    Very rare, very British, these 2-way Bookshelf speakers are from the 70s – the golden age of High Fidelity. Beautiful real timber enclosures, original drivers and classic acoustically transparent speaker grilles